Thursday, 25 June 2015

CBSE Revaluation : Key facts to know

So today I will be sharing the process of revaluation with you. If you are not satisfied with your marks you can definitely apply for revaluation.

One thing that you must know is that the process of revaluation is a three step process and takes over a month to complete. Another thing to understand is : Apply for revaluation only if you are confident that you deserved more. Simply don't apply because your friends got more marks than you. In most cases there is no change even after spending thousands of rupees. 

Now let me explain you the different steps involved in revaluation. The data I am providing is as of 2015.

Step 1 : Re-totaling

This is the step in which your re-totaling of marks is done for the subjects you have applied. You have to simply apply online using the link provided on CBSE's website. Remember that once you applied for certain subject(s), there will be no chance to add more subjects. So choose wisely. You will get an application number.

Fees per subject: Rs 300
Chances of increase in marks : Almost 0%
Chances for no change : Almost 100%
Chances for decrease in marks : Almost 0%

Many of my friends applied and in the first stage they got 'no change'. Only one friend got a change and that too a decrement by 4 marks. 

I have applied for English and Economics and here is the result of my first stage (Click on the image to enlarge) : 

You can never expect an increase in first stage even if you have got much less marks. This is because totaling is double checked already and therefore less chance of totaling mistake.

Step 2 : Getting photocopy of Answer Sheet

After few days of step 1, the website will be updated and you will get an option to apply for obtaining photocopy. In this step you will again get a application number different from Step 1.

Fees per subject : Rs 700
Undertaking (Important) :  In this stage you have to sign an undertaking document, i.e an undertaking would have be printed out, written, signed (by you and your parents/guardian) and uploaded. Then only you could proceed for fee payment. 

Here is the scanned copy of my undertaking for reference (Click to enlarge).

You will receive the photocopies as PDF file(s). You may download it online from the same site on which you applied.

Step 3: Revaluation

Now this is the most important and the key step where most of the change may take place. After getting the photocopies you have to check the totaling and marks deductions. The marking scheme would be uploaded on CBSE's website. You may use it for reference. Again you will get a new application number different from the above steps.

At this stage it is strongly recommended that you ask your school teachers for suggestion. They will guide you the best. Also remember if 1 or 1/2 mark is deducted per question then there is no real use of revaluation (especially in English). Revaluation would be useful only for numerical type questions.

Fees per question : Rs 100
Chances of increase in marks : About 3% if you are sure
Chances of decrease in marks : About 1%
Chances of no change : About 96%
Undertaking : Again an undertaking needs to be signed and uploaded similar to that in stage 2. 

Most probably there would again be no change even after revaluation. Don't be sad. Accept what you got. In my own English paper 1 mark was deducted in each question for grammatical errors. One cannot control the mood of the checker. 

Well that is all the steps involved. I have I have made each step clear. If you have any doubt, please mention in the comment.

Here is a photocopy of my Economics paper (open using Adobe Reader) : http://sonudoo.com/files/eco_photocopy.pdf

.I deleted the English paper photocopy so I apologize for not uploading it.


  1. please send this undertaking letter as early as possible

  2. please send this undertaking letter as early as possible

  3. If the space for written undertaking is not enough, what is to be done ?


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