Thursday, 25 June 2015

CBSE's Random number generator

Well now I will be writing a series of article to criticize the education system of India. This would be the first one of them. My articles would chiefly criticize the CBSE and JEE (the ones I have experienced).

CBSE has been one of the those governmental bodies that I used to call a gem. Yes really. Conducting Boards, JEE Mains and AIPMT for millions of candidates is no joke. Even a world class body would fail. But CBSE does it every year which shows its efficiency.

But now I would like to give you an insight of reality in a series of articles. In this present article I would like to show you how CBSE Randomly generates score.

Go through the following examples:

  • One of my friend got his photocopy of papers for reevaluation. He saw that the totaling was 78 but in his mark sheet the marks were 95. Where did the 17 marks came from. Did it came from hell? I can't show you the photocopy as an undertaking is signed with CBSE that the answer sheet won't be used for commercial purpose.

  • 10 students in a row got 95 in economics. Even the one who was unable to score even 50 in pre-boards got 95. WTF. What the heck has CBSE started. Awarding random numbers to anyone.

  • Full marks to everyone in practicals. CBSE send examines who test the practical skill. But the schools don't even care about the marks given by the examines. They would simply award full marks to everyone in practical. The one who doesn't even know how to handle a galvanometer will even get 30 without second thought.

  • One of my friend even got 95 in all the subjects. 95 in everything. Not even a single mark deviation from any subject. Another got 95 in four subjects and 67 in Physical Education. After re-totaling, it says no change. 

This examples are very few of many. I don't mean to say this happens only in CBSE. Every state board is corrupt similarly. They also go on awarding any marks to anyone. Good marks to one who has not studied and below expected marks to one who has spent all night studying.

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