Thursday, 25 June 2015

Factors on which you Class 12 marks depends

This article is a continuation to my previous article CBSE Random number generator.

I am among many who are frustrated after getting their board result. I am among the ones who were cheated. I got a below expected marks.

Well okay. So hard work, determination, concept development, brain wash; all these are important and influence your Board marks but let me give you some side factors that have great influence on your marks in board exams. Here is the list :

  • Your luck : If you look into the results of DPS Ranchi (my school), you can easily get any Tom, Dick and Harry getting 95%. Getting 95 is no more a great job done. It is just a luck factor. How much hard you study doesn't matter at all. It totally depends on your luck. One of my friend didn't expect even 85 in Mathematics got 97. I expected 100 and got 95. In English I got 86. When I got the photocopy after applying for revaluation, I saw that 1 and 1/2 marks has been deducted in many questions. I got an checker who was strict enough to see every grammar and spelling. Whereas my friends got checkers who were lenient enough to overlook the grammar so they scored above 90. You see your hard work never pays in subjective exams. If you are lucky you would get a checker who awards marks for whatever you write. You might be unlucky that there was some totaling mistake and you got 36 instead of 63. Anything is possible. Totally luck dependent.                                                                                                                                                                      Well luck actually is a very important factor influencing your score. Especially after 95%, your marks is completely luck dependent. If someone scored 96 and another one 97, it doesn't mean that the score who scores 96 has studied less. After 95%, the marking is completely luck based rather merit. I have been the one who has been beaten badly by luck.
  • Mood of the checker : Well this is somewhat again a luck factor.If the checker is impressed by your handwriting; If the checker had a good mood then its definitely going to improve your score. On the other hand if the checker had a fight at home, he/she is bound to reflect his/her mood on your paper.
  • The school you belong to :  Do you the checking is really centralized? Do you think no school is aware of which school's paper they get for checking? If you think everything is secretly done then you are wrong. There is very high level of corruption associated with this system of evaluation of papers.                                                                                                                       If you belong to a good school which gives good result then you are definitely sure of getting good marks. But if you belong to a school which doesn't shows good general result, never ever expect a good score no matter how hard you study. No matter how bright you are, no matter how much you have worked, the evaluaters are always biased towards the school. If you are from Delhi Public School then they will give you good marks even if you wrote badly. On the other hand a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya may write excellent answers but will still score low. We always see that the toppers belong to big private schools only.
  • Handwriting and Presentation: The cleaner you write the better would be your score. A good presentation always fetches good marks in all subjective exams. Merit doesn't help you here. I don't have to explain this point in details. 
  • Your own school: Here I would mention a true anecdote. When I was in Class 10, we have to opt for either external or internal exam. External examiners had different centers and different school evaluaters. Internal candidates has their own school as their center and evaluaters also belonged to the same. I opted for external examination. I have heard that the internal examiners have given the questions of board exams to the internal students beforehand in the name of "Important Questions". You see how corrupt the system is. Yet the students were unable to score good even after getting the questions before the exams.                                                                                                                When I was in class 9, the answers were told by the teachers to the students openly in the examination hall itself. Yes believe me. And I couldn't do anything. Everything used to pass out with flying colors. It was such a horrifying scene. The name of my school was Oxford Public School, Ranchi. I would be pleased if someone files an FIR against this. 
  • Practicals : Marks of practicals are extremely biased. A student who has a good impression on the teachers would score in full even if he doesn't know how to handle a galvanometer. On the other hand, a student capable of building a NOR gate (an electronic gate) may not get better marks because he/she has a bad impression on the teachers.There are thousands of schools who do not even conduct practicals and award full marks to everyone.
I am experienced. Hard work sometimes do not  pays in such centralized exams. Believe me. I have learnt to expect less from life and so must you do. Don't expect very high grades.

Now if you have not yet appeared for your boards then you may feel that these are stupid points. I also felt the same. But don't worry you will realize soon. Just wait for the results to be declared. Once you are cheated come back and share this post to your junior.

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