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JoSAA Counselling : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Part 3

This article is continuation to its second part : JoSAA Counselling : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Part 2


17. How many choices can be entered during choice-filling?

There is no limit to the number of choices entered. The list exhausts only when all possible choices has been entered.

18. What should be the order of entering the preferences?

The order of choices must be in decreasing order of priority. This order must be prepared by the candidate considering all the factors like college preference, branch preference and others. The candidate must be extremely careful while entering the preference. It must be strictly in decreasing order of Priority.

19. Where can I find the seat Matrix of different institutes?

It is available on the website. Here is the link : http://josaa.nic.in/seatinfo/root/seatmatrix.aspx.

20. I prefer NITs more than IITs. Can I enter NIT before IIT?

Yes, you can. That's where the joint counselling is helpful.

21. How many rounds of counselling will be held?

There are 3 rounds of counselling for IITs and ISM. And there are 4 rounds of counselling for NITs, GFITs and IIITs.

21A. Will there be any spot round after the fourth round?

No there won't be any spot round. 

22. Where can I find the Opening and Closing Rank for different institutes?

Here is the list for IITs and ISM : http://www.jeeadv.iitb.ac.in/seat-information

Here is the list for NITs, IIITs and GFITs: http://csab.nic.in/ChoiceFilling/Result/ORCR_AllRounds.aspx

You must not completely rely on these data provided. The scenario may be different this year.

23. How many programs would be allotted after the counselling?

Counselling is computerized. You would be allotted at most one seat. Once you are allotted a particular seat, all the preferences below the allotted preference would no longer be accessible. So you must think carefully before locking preferences.

24. What do you mean by "Mock Seat Allocation"?

Before the locking of choices, you would be shown a mock seat allotted to you on the basis of choices entered by you and others. If you are unsatisfied, you may edit your choices before locking them up. Remember that this is the last chance where you can edit your preference.

25. Can I unlock my choices after mock seat allocation? 

Yes. In fact, the facility to lock the choices is available ONLY after the mock round of seat allocation. After you lock your choices, you will NOT be able to change your choices / preference order.

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