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Reservation system in Engineering : Analysis

Well reservation in education system has been a major flaw of Indian education system. Almost every exams you appear for has reservation associated with it. It brings down the real talented, the merit ones and pulls up the untalented ones.

Honorable Dr B R Ambedkar said that Reservation must continue for about 5 years past independence to give chance to the dalits to come up. But our politicians have turned this into a vote bank politics pulling reservation up to till date.

In my analysis I would focus myself on engineering (the one that I have done). Let us take a look at the caste-wise reservation first.

Caste wise Reservation

Indians has been divided into General, Other Backward Castes (OBCs), Schedule Castes (SCs) and Schedule Tribes (STs). It is such a shame for me to tell you that more than 50% of the engineering seats are reserved.

Let us take a look at the seat matrix of the prestigious IITs in the year 2015.

This data has been obtained from the JEE Advanced website itself. As one can see only 4900 out of about 10000 seats is available for General Category (less than 50%). Well PWD (Person With Disablity) status is something that can be accepted. But such a large disparity on the basis of caste is just not acceptable. The reservation status had backfired. I got an AIR of 16304. I won't get admission to the prestigious IITs. But a person having a lower score can easily get admission on the basis of caste. IITs are one of most reputed institutes in the world and admission to it is purely on merit basis. Probably this is one of the reason for falling standard of IITs.

Now let us look at the qualifying mark disparity of JEE Main 2015(First of the two-tier JEE Exam).

The exam has negative marking for wrong answer only. Zero is awarded for not answering. Just check out the cutoffs. If you belong to a backward caste and have a disability then just write down your name and relax. You are still qualified for JEE Advanced. This is probably an example of reservation in worst case scenario.

Apart from IITs, there are National Institute of Technology, NITs (formerly Regional Engineering College). They also suffer heavy reservation on the basis of caste system. Caste reservation has even plagued Delhi University.

State Wise Reservation

Caste wise reservation doesn't end up the story. There is state wise reservation as well. Thank god that atleast the IITs don't suffer from state-wise quota. However the NITs do. 

If you live in Madhya Pradesh then you will be preferred for a seat at MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology) even if there is a applicant with a higher rank. All thanks to Home state quota.

Let me explain this HS/OS reservation to you. The state from which you appear for your board exams is treated as your Home State. And all other states come under Other state or All India Quota. You would be given first preference then the others would come up.

Well if all the NITs were of same standard, then this system won't effect much. But every NIT doesn't have the same standard. Some NITs like that of Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar etc have low standards. On the other hand Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra etc have very good NITs. Out of total 15000 NIT seats, 7500 are reserved under Home State Quota. Delhi Technical University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) has 85% seats under Home State Quota. Same is the case of Jadavpur University. If you need proofs, you may refer collegepravesh.com or csab.nic.in.

Under such great reservation system our education system is simply rotting. Talents are leaving our country.

Person With Disability (PWD)

A Reservation that is tolerable but still can't be accepted. People have started misusing this reservation as well. A person who is having a sixth finger is also treated as disable. I am asking what kind of disability having a sixth finger is?

Religion wise Reservation

St Stephens college listed under Delhi University is famous for reservations on religious lines. Its cutoff mark for admission is low for Christian minorities and higher for others. Not only St Stephens but St Xaviers, Mumbai and St Xaviers, Kolkata, also follow similar reservation.

BITS Pilani

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. One of the very few institutes of India which says no to Reservation. A big NO to reservation. It is privately owned and no less than any other IITs. It has world class infrastructure and excellent faculty. Admission is purely on merit basis. No reservation is associated. 

BITS, the institute that says NO to reservation

My attempt

I belong to OBC category. But I still listed myself in General. Personally I can't get sleep after eating away some else seat who deserved more than me. I belong to a well off family. I am happy with what I have. It is just a small attempt from my side. Hope I encourage you as well.


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