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Top 4 reason why one should not aim for IIT

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are a group of autonomous public engineering and management institutes of India. The IITs are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 which has declared them as "institutions of national importance", and lays down their powers, duties, framework for governance etc. IITs are among the  most reputed institution. But should we aim for IIT? I will give you 4 reasons why you should not.

1. Brain Drain :

IIT-JEE (Advanced) is a very tough test to pass through. Thus the IITians are generally the best brains of India. They are the best future doctors (after Phd) or scientist or economist. 

As the big businesses like Facebook Inc., Coca cola India pay them higher salary, they are lost from India. Really India has lost several engineers this way. This trend has been reversed somewhat- (dubbed the reverse brain drain) – as hundreds of IIT graduates, who have pursued further studies in the USA, started returning to India in the 1990s.

Until liberalization started in early 1990s, India experienced large scale emigration of IITians to developed countries, especially to the United States. Since 1953, nearly twenty-five thousand IITians have settled in the USA. Since the USA benefited from subsidized education in IITs at the cost of Indian taxpayers' money, critics say that subsidizing education in IITs is useless.

2. Entrance competition : 

I must say the IIT-JEE (Mains) is easy to pass but IIT-JEE (Advanced) is very tough. Even if you are prepared thoroughly one can never guarantee that you would pass. If you joined a coaching class, you would waste all your money as in future maximum number of attempts to pass JEE would only be one. Moreover you could loose all your chances to get into better colleges or change your course. 

Not all children are of a similar aptitude level and may be skilled in different paradigms and fields. This has led to criticism of the way the examinations are conducted and the way a student is forced in the Indian community. The IIT-JEE format was restructured in 2006 following these complaints. After the change to the objective pattern of questioning, even the students who initially considered themselves not fit for subjective pattern of IIT-JEE decided to take the examination. Though the restructuring was meant to reduce the dependence of students on coaching classes, it led to an increase in students registering for coaching classes. The JEE is highly crictized especially by those who cannot afford to pay JEE coaching classes.

Another criticism is about the language of the exam. IIT-JEE is conducted only in English and Hindi, making it harder for students where regional languages, like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese or Gujarati, are more prominent.

3. Depreciated standards : 

Back in the 70s-80s, IIT was ranked among Top 100 Universities of the world. Now the rank fell to 300-400. One reason could be the establishment of several more Colleges and Universities but the main reason is the lack of creative students in IITs. A sample survey claimed that 95% of the student who passed IIT-JEE actually cracked it, i.e, they were trained by special coaching institutes whose teacher are generally retired IIT lecturers. Less than 5% were true deserves who passed the exams with their own brilliance. Since there are now several thousands coaching classes, any one can be coached based on existing question pattern and easily "Crack" the exam (Although the candidate needs to be smart enough). 

One of a education cabinet minister once remarked "The standard of IIT is going down continuously. IIT is now filled with money-minders. Most students of Bihar have depreciated the standard of IIT". Indeed, this was the case regarding preparation for IIT entrance exams even decades ago. In January 2010, our most prestigious chemical scientist and 2009 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan  remarked "I was not able to pass the exam because I had no formal coaching for IIT-JEE". His parents didn't believed in such coaching institutes. He was not an IITian but today he is a famous chemist.

4. Every mark counts : 

One of my elder friend scored 244 and got a rank of 2075. His competitor scored 230 and got a rank of 2463. If you loose 1 mark, your rank can go down by 50. If your rank is below 3000, you can get a better IITs (like that of Delhi, Mumbai or Kharagpur) and better field of engineering, but if your rank is above 3000, you may not get into good IITs. Even if you get into, you may not get a branch of your choice. It is better to go before your dream than to go for IIT. If you are not confident about your rank don't fully depend on JEE exam. Have some other option in hand, make sure you appear for AIEEE, BITSAT or other competitive exams.

Are you preparing for JEE exam? Have you failed to achieve good rank in JEE exam? What are/were your experiences? Please mention in comments..

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